Production Music Online

Haunted TV

Horror and Thriller atmospheres with orchestrations & sound design by Robert Allen Elliott

Don't Look Round

Scary atmosphere builds with fast, fretful string and piano motifs, dark drone, ghostly voices and horror sound design elements.

Haunted History

Dark atmosphere with ghostly piano, violin and dank, clanking sound effects.

Developing Horror

Urgent chugging strings and creepy sound effects create sense of developing dark drama.

Nightmare Street

Creepy story development with slow horror string and piano figures, dark male bassi choir and creaking, metallic sound design elements.

Something Lurks

Sinister orchestral horror atmosphere with dragging sound-effects.

The Case Gets Nasty

A disturbing cocktail of dark, chugging, staccato orchestra, hypnotic drums and dark sound-design.

Dark History

Dark sound-design elements into ominous swelling orchestra.

Down Dark Alleys

Dark creaks and scrapes into dark theme with strings and thriller sound-design.

Edge Of The Abyss

Creepy ambient atmosphere with floating strings over dark creaking, scraping sound effects.

Ghost In The Nursery

Soft, dreamy horror atmosphere with innnocent bells, dark cello, strings and haunting sound design elements.

Ghost Train

Frantic, ghostly strings and piano intensify with orchestra hits and scary sound effects.

Come Follow Me

Creepy atmosphere with poignant bells, harp and ghostly whispers over ominous strings.

Losing My Mind

Lightly schizophrenic atmosphere with skippy, discordant plucked strings, twisted percussion, vocal effects and creepy sound design elements.

Tales From The Deep

Ghostly atmosphere with poignant, chugging strings and distant whale-song sound effects.


Ghostly laughter/voice effects and sound design over lightly urgent, agitated strings and orchestra hits. Spooky but fun.

Ghost Ships

Minimalistic xylophone and waves of orchestral percussion over mysterious, deep whirling/swooshing atmosphere.

Watery Grave

Ominous, sombre atmosphere with dark strings, piano and sinking, creaking sound effects.

Strange Sightings

Spooky 90's style supernatural/Sci-Fi theme with synth/harp arpeggios over strings and otherworldly sound design elements.

Ghosts In A Spin

Fiendish black-comedy/horror builds with wild, ghostly strings, orchestra hits and increasingly frantic pace.

Pursuing The Case

Upbeat creepy story development with echoing piano over orchestra and sinister sound design.

Pursued By Shadows

Trembling strings increase in urgency over dark beats.

Out Of The Shadows

Dark suspenseful atmosphere with slow waves of sombre strings and creepy sound-design elements.

Dark Covenant

Innocent bells and piano curdle into ominous, suspenseful atmosphere with sinister strings.

Chased By Evil

Classic horror/thriller chase music with expressionistic, vintage horror movie strings and fiendish male voice stabs.

Ghostly Reflection

Dreamy, twisted atmosphere with dark strings, horror sfx and haunting female alto voice.

Shadows Of The Past

Dreamy, spectral atmosphere with slow electric guitar arpeggios and haunting sound design.