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Gothic Romance

Deep symphonic drama - by Robert Allen Elliott. (stems included)

Scarlet And Black

Rolling waves of lush symphonic strings with piano and solo violin touches.

A Weather Change

Stirring, darkly beautiful orchestra swells with piano and solo violin.

The House In The Forest

Magical orchestral atmosphere with shivery, descending strings, harp and celeste.


Ominous suspenseful orchestral strings with eerie violin harmonics.

The Duchessa

Passionate gypsy violin over waves of highly romantic symphonic strings.

Across The Moors

Deeply romantic symphonic strings with solo violin. Builds with mounting melodrama and stormy passion.


Lonely oboe into waves of passionately romantic symphonic strings.

A Touch Of Madness

Skittish, tiptoeing plucked orchestral strings lead a strange dance.

Moonlight Mystery

Listless dark strings with a touch of romance and restless suspense.

El Cid

Portentous intro to deep orchestral strings. Epic and romantic with a flavour of Moorish Spain.

Endless Night

Darkly suspenseful symphonic strings with a sense of mystery and romance.

Time To Imagine

Pensive piano over restless, uneasy orchestral strings.