Production Music Online


Dramatic, dark and edgy tension building cues

Out Of Darkness

Dark futuristic sound design into pulsing sub-bass, restless beats and effects.

Red Alert

Dark dystopic hits into urgent, suspenseful trailer theme climaxing with massive end stabs.

Into Danger

Dark hits into chugging futuristic beats, dramatic stabs and building synth arpeggios.

Taking Action

Dark hit into pulsing bass and urgent drums. Builds throughout with futuristic sound design elements, to final big end hit.

Closing The Net

Mysterious piano motif into dark, serious, suspenseful atmosphere with tense beats, bass and strings.

Final Assault

Dark edgy intro builds with momentous hits, swooping synth, brass and strings to climax.

The Eliminator

Deep, suspenseful hits into racing, tense beats, dark riffing and heavy drum strikes.

Under Surveillance

Growing tension with pulsing bass throbs under darkly mysterious, suspenseful atmosphere and restless beats.

Dark Assignment

Shadowy piano intro to tense, edgy atmosphere with dark hits and chugging strings.

Call To Action

Restless tension builds with urgent beats, weighty orchestral stabs. Serious and dramatic.