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Fixing The World

Soundtracks for a world rebuilding itself - by Paul Robbins

Follow The Science

Pensive, swirling contemporary orchestral soundtrack builds towards serious but positive climax (with an enigmatic twist).

The Long Hours

Pensive, restless piano figures over light string backing with a touch of magic/mystery. 

Think Fast

Fast, tense tuned percussion sequences layer with restless, funky bass and drums to create thriving, purposeful groove with a sophisticated edge.

Turning The Corner

Piano and strings grow into urgent but uplifting Indie anthem. Seriousness with a light touch.

A Matter Of Urgency

Small but energetic orchestral ensemble inspire a sense of the urgency of getting something very grownup and important done in a hurry.

Data Detectives

Shady, prowling bass and electric piano lead stripped-back groove with a touch of slinky intrigue.

Hunting Solutions

Restless marimba/xylophone and flute lead a prowling foray into the corporate jungle. Jolly and serious at the same time.

Positive Thinking

Sunny, bright hybrid unplugged/electronic theme spins round on 3 simple chords (apart from when it wanders about in the middle) till even Mr Miserable-Pants has to start thinking positively.


Gently optimistic flowing piano over warm sequenced backing with medium pace light electronic percussion.

In Good Hands

Flowing orchestral feelgood with catchy piano melody over light, breezy strings. Busy, sunny and lightly emotive.