Production Music Online

Extreme Reality

Weapons-grade orchestral themes to the life-or-death dramas of the new generation reality shows - for reality tv, dramatic documentary

Eat The Pain

Intense brass and orchestral backdrop for the most dangerous and nailbiting stages of the struggle...

Survival Instinct

Epic orchestral accompaniment to the struggle for continued existence.

Storm Challenge

Stormy orchestral theme for heroic confrontation with nature and the elements.

Urgent Haul

Urgent orchestral backdrop to getting something difficult and dangerous done in a hurry.

The Arrival

Epic orchestral launch theme vibrates with anticipation.

Power Play

Stormy, dramatic, urgent orchestral with big impacts and massive drums.

Chasing Victory

Action packed orchestral finale driving melodramatically toward the conclusion of something highly momentous.

Low Point

Moody and thoughtful orchestral theme for when the going gets tough and the doubts creep in...

Trial Of Endurance

Orchestral track to get things done to with a twist of military determination.

Battle Royal

Orchestral battle is joined with galloping brass and string figures, epic soaring horn lines and metallic clashing impacts. Contrasting thoughtful mid section at 0:48.


Emotive rocky orchestral theme rises from moody to a darkly triumphal climax.

Victory Review

Grand orchestral finale to announce the winner and review their achievements (thoughtful mid section at 0:48).