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Feelgood funky pop/rock for the open road by Stephen Green.

Fun Times

Cheerful, toe-tapping jazzy pop/disco with infectious funky bass.

Setting Out

Rolling, upbeat pop/dance with piano lead.

Away From Home

Upbeat, gently emotive pop/rock with rolling guitars, piano and male backing vocals.

City Lights

Fast and warm with driving drums, jazzy guitar topline and funky bass.

Happy Journey

Toe-tapping, driving piano-led pop/dance with infectious funky bass.

Drive By Night

Urgent and moody with strummed guitars, bass and male voice layers over dark driving beat.

Sunset Joy

Cheerful, warm pop-rock with jazzy guitar, ukulele, piano and bouncy beat.

Heading South

Happy, rolling feelgood pop/rock with piano and guitar lead.

On The Road Again

Driving funky pop soundtrack with an urgent determined feel.

Breezing Home

Warm, rolling light indie pop with easygoing beats and piano lead.

Right On Time

Positive, driving pop/rock with piano and guitar lead. Bright and optimistic.

Sunshine Smile

Light, happy pop-jazz with rippling vibraphone and infectious rhythm. Super sunny and warm.