Production Music Online

Deluxe Euphoria

Chilled but characterful Future-Bass influenced electronica with a euphoric touch for A-list luxury walkthroughs.

At Home In Paradise

Exceptionally chilled and atmospheric electronica with dreamy vocal fragments and light skippy beats takes you straight to your yacht/villa just in time for a sundowner.

Kiss The Bliss

Light and agreeable Chillout-House with a relaxed dubby feel to put you in the mood for anything warm, tropical and probably quite expensive.

Seychelles Sunrise

Long, lush ambient chill intro featuring Spanish guitar and abstract vocal pads slides into Housey-Chill groove. Warm, spacey, blissed-out.

Your Best Life

Flowing, atmospheric Future Bass/EDM grows from a spot of hopeful anticipation to full-blown life-altering rapture.

Flying East

Lush and dreamy chillout swirling over light skippy trip-hop beats with kaleidoscopic overlay of wordless female vocals, with Far Eastern and Western vocal threads interweaved. Dreamy, exotic and euphoric.

Chase The Breeze

Chilled Bigbeat/Trip-hop rolls along perfectly while Travis shows you round the megayacht/clifftop villa. Quirky vocal sample loops add a little touch of edginess.

Making All Dreams

Rolling, lilting chilled electronic trip-hop with enigmatic dream fulfillment-themed female vocal samples. Warm, floaty and dreamy.

Blue Sky Dreams

Lush suspenseful intro gives way to massively euphoric Trance/EDM anthem. Sunny, powerful with a touch of emo.

Blazing Summer

Hugely up, electronic chilled-House with abstract vocal FX loops, full of breezy spacey anticipation.

Big Is Beautiful

Action packed House/Trance anthem with abstract vocal atmospherics and soaring piano lead.

Ten Thousand Things

Thoughtful EDM synth-riff builds steadily to huge sweeping anthemic climax.

Living Life

Cooly grooving upbeat glitchy Electro with a thoughtful side grows steadily to huge uplifting Electro-House finale.