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Cook, Drink And Do Stuff

Light, quirky soundtracks for Lifestyle TV

Add Wine To Taste

Quirky comedy fun with jaunty blown bottles tune, rubbed wineglasses and plucked strings. A silly celebration of wine.

Busy Bottles

Fast, comedic blown bottles, plucked strings and mallets. Somebody's doing something quite silly in a hurry...

Nosing About

Tiptoeing, lightly mysterious fast waltz with softly plucked strings, mallets and brushed drums. Think sneaky pets?!


Jolly, clowning, plodding comedy soundtrack with mallets, plucked strings...and triangle. Think funny pets.

Car Boot Fair

Happy and sunny with light, skipping beats, mallets, accordion and woodwind. More than a hint of vintage sitcom.

Country Fun

Comic retro, orchestral waltz featuring xylophone, piano, strings, trumpet and light military snare with a touch of Edwardian circus.

Antiques Detective

Quirky gypsy violin touches over rolling beats with accordion and strings.

Comedy Mambo

Bouncy, retro-kitsch Mambo with plucked strings, marimba, vibraphone and light percussion.

Kids On A Train

Light, quirky and upbeat with jolly flute tune over ploddy, cartoonish rhythm section.

Yours Affectionately

Gently ebbing and flowing honky tonk piano nostalgia with concertina and bass clarinet.