Production Music Online

Blockbuster Animation!

Big studio production numbers bursting with filmic excitement and emotion by Robert Allen Elliott

Forever And Always

Achingly romantic but fun and joy-filled orchestral celebration of a love, as strong in Autumn as it was in Spring.

Dice With The Devil

Massive glitzy Big Band blows up a storm as our heroes play cat and mouse with the baddies. Reckless, breathless excitement with buckets of pizzazz.

Showtime In Swing City

Virtuoso Big Band cruise through the City from shadowy side-streets and basement dives to the explosive razzmatazz of Broadway.

Big Night In Tinseltown

Ultra-goodtime schmultzy Big Band & Strings celebration of putting on the Ritz, classic Hollywood style.

Valse Romantique

Solo guitar playing adorably sad ballad is joined by more and more elaborate orchestration, growing beautifully into a filmic festival of sentimental emotion.

Monkeys Like Us

Swinging, relaxed, comedy Vaudeville jazz with jungley drum solos and laughter effects.

Fantastical Flying Follies

Jolly 1920s Vaudeville orchestra provides the perfect backdrop for Flynn's Famous Educated Fleas to perform their acts of derring-do on the high trapeze. Fun, nostalgia and a touch of comedy romance.