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American Mashup

4 classic Sousa marches played straight, then again very far from straight with Trap, Chiptune, Drumline and other elements mixed in.

Stars And Chipsounds Forever

Sublimely rousing version of Stars And Stripes For Ever dips into Chiptune silliness then comes back with Drumline snares blazing, more rousing than ever!

The Stars And Stripes Forever

Ultimate American military/college/sporting big brass marching band anthem of all time. Traditional America feeling very good about itself.

The Thunderer Messed Up

Manically jolly marching band switches abruptly to doomy Trap, with a surreal blend of dark melodrama and Chiptune silliness.

The Thunderer

All time marching band favourite at every American parade and sports ground or Easter parade - America in Eb (and Bb actually).

Semper Deranged

Sousa marching band cuts into crazed calliope (@50 sec), then rumbling, hyperactive Scratch/Hip Hop versions of itself. US tradition collides with the streets.

Semper Fidelis

Sublimely grand and upbeat rendition of Sousa's famous march - official march of the US Marine Corps, and sporting and ceremonial US perrenial.

American Arcade Game

Chiptune arcade style version of classic military march The Stars And Stripes For Ever - perfect for when you're not taking the USA completely seriously.

The Washington Post

Stirringly jaunty performance of Sousa's classic military brass band march. Makes you proud to be American even if you're not!