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100 Greatest Promos 2

Blockbusting compendium of promo cuts selected from PMOL101-199

Impossible Sun (Promo)

Surreally euphoric Future Bass anthem exploding with larger than life feeling. (30sec of PMOL168 tk1)

Blissed Out In Eden (Promo)

Enigmatic intro with rainforest FX gives way to dazzling display of Future Bass gymnastics. Mystery plays switcheroo with excitement. (30sec of PMOL168 tk12)

Live The Dream (Promo)

Suspenseful solo piano intro chords takes off into purposeful, positive Future Bass anthem with euphoric synth-lead and vocal fragments. (30sec versioin of PMOL187 tk24)

Don't Hold Me Down (Promo)

Bouncy Future-pop with abstract, breathy female vocal fragments building to rolling, RnB chorus with restlessly soulful riffing vocal 'Don't hold me down'. (30sec of PMOL187 tk16)

Get Down Low (Promo)

Ultra-catchy, punchy Trap/Tropical Salsa-led Pop with vocals switching between sultry romantic girl and sexy, partying guy. Loved-up party time on the beach. (30sec of PMOL187 tk1)

Everything Changed (Promo)

Sultry, soulful Garage House celebration of anything big positive and life changing. Super uplifting, funky but relaxed. (30sec of PMOL187 tk27)

Backyard Carnival (Promo)

Remarkably silly, vaguely Caribbean-sounding dance band has a go at being ultra-smiley happy and succeeds massively. (30sec of PMOL178 tk1)

Cute Newborns (Promo)

Bouncy marimba sequence joined by upbeat orchestral elements for a celebration of the fun of new life in a new Spring. (30sec of PMOL151 tk20)

Fun In Brazil (Promo)

Comical Cuica over glitchy, fun Samba beats and upright bass. (30sec of PMOL190 tk1)

Simply Silly (Promo)

Light, comical whistling over bouncy jug band. Daft as a brush. (30sec of PMOL112 tk32)

Fast And Fun (Promo)

Fast Big-Beat action with punchy drums and bass, twisted rock guitars and cut-up male vocal samples. (30sec of PMOL162 tk1)

Fresh Ideas (Promo)

Quirky, upbeat and fun wth light tumbling plucked strings, piano and bells. (30sec of PMOL182 tk1)

No Worries (Promo)

Jolly plink plonk magically mixes relaxed ploddiness and bounciness in equal measure. (30sec of PMOL177 tk48)

Fun Times (Promo)

Cheerful, toe-tapping jazzy pop/disco with infectious funky bass. (30sec of PMOL183 tk1)

Summer Bike Ride (Promo)

Super upbeat ukulele leads piano and chimes over bouncy rhythm section. Piles of light, happy activity. (30sec of PMOL178 tk28)

Big Splash (Promo)

Happy retro reggae/calypso with steel drums. Tropical family fun. (30sec of PMOL106 tk15)

Nothing I Can't Do (Promo)

Driving, dirty Electro with super-empowered girl vocal sample. Edgy, sexy, catchy and energising.

Tell Me What You Want (Promo)

Ultra-edgy and futuristic electronica driven by contorting electro synth line with seductive/enigmatic female spoken vocs.

Boom (Promo)

8-bit robots find a voice chip (which can say 'Boom' and 'Un-Hunh', very seductively) and knock up some rather stunning, totally bonkers pumping Electro House.

I Want It All (Promo)

Bouncy electro with cutesy girl vocal phrases celebrating being spoilt for choice in a jewellery/handbag/shoe/sportscar etc emporium.

Hazy Days (Promo)

Warmly enigmatic, rolling, trip-hoppy electronica with a surreally contented touch. (30sec of PMOL188 tk1)

Music To Mine Bitcoins To (Promo)

Cool, spacey, loungey IDM with super-modern-retro soft-touch designer-tech feel. Mood lighting for your ears. (30sec of PMOL188 tk8)

It Begins (Promo)

Massively dark and moody hybrid atmospherics (inc clock FX) get creepier before breaking into the pounding, toweringly dramatic endgame. (60sec of PMOL186 tk1)

Extreme Prejudice (Promo)

Hybrid orchestral bed starts intense and rapidly grows way more so. Ends with an earth-shaking brass-heavy chord finale. (30sec of PMOL186 tk10)

Into Danger (Promo)

Dark hits into chugging futuristic beats, dramatic stabs and building synth arpeggios. (30sec of PMOL189 tk11)

Epica (Promo)

Urgent, restless deep orchestral figures with exultant, epic choir builds to breathless cllimax. (30sec of PMOL127 tk1)

Arena Of Champions (Promo)

Proud, mounting orchestra, big drums and choir build throughout to epic climax. Tough and glorious. (60sec of PMOL127 tk35)

Red Alert (Promo)

Dark dystopic hits into urgent, suspenseful trailer theme climaxing with massive end stabs. (30sec of PMOL189 tk 6)

The Big Fight (Promo)

Full-on Gothic orchestral trailer-style build to frenzied choral climax. (30sec of PMOL169 tk1)

Fantasy Waltz (Promo)

Whimsical waltzing orchestral fantasy with playful, magical feel. (30sec of PMOL161 tk 54)

Grasshoppers (Promo)

Urgent, mindful solo piano minimalism, with subtly tweaked piano sound. Upbeat, in a clever thoughtful way.

Steady Progress (Promo)

Uptempo xylophone figures over moody, shifting orchestral backing. Serious activity with a touch of suspense. (30sec of PMOL160 tk33)

View From The Hills (Promo)

Tuneful piano joined by strings. Gently reflective and happy. (30sec of PMOL176 tk 1)

Nosing About (Promo)

Tiptoeing, lightly mysterious fast waltz with softly plucked strings, mallets and brushed drums. Think sneaky pets?!

Positive Outcome (Promo)

Lively, positive plucked strings build with gentle solo violin and light orchestral touches. (30sec of PMOL143 tk27)

Lunch With Pierre (Promo)

Smart and knowing, bright and poppy plucked strings-led soundtrack with a confident, cheerful stride. Prada handbags are Go! (30sec of PMOL194 tk1)

Light And Playful (Promo)

Sunny and warm, upbeat orchestral minimalism with softly plucked strings, clarinet, light percussion and tinkling vibraphone. (30sec of PMOL143 tk66)

The Setup (Promo)

Something is definitely happening, but what? Light orchestral anticipation and excitement with a pinch of urgency and suspense. (30sec of PMOL194 tk9)

Life Is Beautiful (Promo)

Beautiful, elegantly sunny piano solo - light but thoughtful. (30sec of PMOL152 tk10)

Endless Fascination (Promo)

Quick, fluid, gentle orchestral minimalism with plucked strings, bells, and solo violin. Lightly sparkling, neutral, factual atmosphere. (30sec of PMOL 143 Tk36)

Dawning Magic (Promo)

Magical, unfolding orchestral wonder with enigmatic female vocal touches. (30sec of PMOL171 tk11)

Desert Legend (Promo)

Darkly beautiful, exotic atmosphere with deep strings, distant middle-eastern female voice and dramatic hits. (30sec of PMOL174 tk1)

Natural Drama (Promo)

Tense, fast, agitated strings and tympani build to hit. (30sec of PMOL143 tk1)

Missing Person (Promo)

Tense, moody trip-hop with glitchy beats, piano, strings and atmospheric electronica. (30sec of PMOL116 tk22)

Backlash (Promo)

Moody tension develops with edgy medium-paced beats. (30sec of PMOL102 tk1)

Opps (Promo)

Gang warfare gone potty in a crazed status UK Drill rap about doing very bad things to the opposition. (30sec of PMOL172 tk1 - for instrumental see PMOL172 tk25 'Murk')

Autumn Rain (Promo)

Sad, thoughtful solo cello and flute with fast flowing piano and harp arpeggios joined by lush orchestral strings. (30sec of PMOL166 tk1)

The Clock Is Ticking (Promo)

Ticking beats, minimalist piano figure and string swells create bleak, serious atmosphere and sense of passing time and urgency. (30sec of PMOL126 tk9)

The Countdown (Promo)

Tense, brooding atmosphere with clock ticking effects. (30sec of PMOL155 tk30)

To The Stars (Promo)

Darkly atmospheric detuned piano/guitar intro takes off into epic soulful indie anthem with a Celtic touch. (30sec of PMOL150 tk4)

Help Is At Hand (Promo)

Wistful piano explodes into ultra-feelgood Indie Rock anthem at 20secs. Emotive soundtrack to humanitarian endeavour. (60sec of PMOL108 tk41)

Jazz City (Promo)

Super-cool, sophisticated Jazz quartet provides ideal accompaniment to drinking Manhattans in Manhattan. (30sec of PMOL179 tk5)

Shining World (Promo)

Pensive altered piano figures with atmospheric electronica evolve steadily into positive and uplifting light electronic soundtrack. (60sec of PMOL184 tk26)

Dancing Lights (Promo)

Positive, sparkling atmosphere with bright plucked strings over warm electronica and piano. (30sec of PMOL154 tk90)

Nicole's Feast (Promo)

Light retro French-flavoured acoustic jazz with a clattering percussion track played on kitchen implements. (30sec of PMOL136 tk1)

Sole Italiano (Promo)

Sunny Mediterranean kitsch from a bygone age with acoustic guitar and piano over bubbling bass and percussion. Joyful retro fun. (30sec of PMOL138 tk5)

Viva La Noche (Promo)

Crazy Cuban party time with lively piano and brass. (30sec of PMOL190 tk16)

Bossa Bar (Promo)

Quirky, upbeat Latin Jazz-Lounge with infectious Bossa beat, flighty flute and piano. Lighthearted and fun. (30sec of PMOL190 tk12)

Café Paris (Promo)

Easygoing swing-jazz with accordion and mellow guitar. Gallic gastronomy! (30sec of PMOL115 tk 52)

Oahu Serenade (Promo)

Feelgood retro-style Hawaiian guitar over swinging acoustic backing with ukulele and light percussion. (30sec of PMOL192 tk44)

Salsa Cubana (Promo)

Bright, brassy Cuban Salsa with infectious Latin percussion and happy party atmosphere. (30sec of PMOL190 tk22)

Moving Forward (Promo)

Thoughtful suspenseful intro grows into powerful, momentous orchestral climax with big drums. (30sec of PMOL150 tk7)

A Fresh Start (Promo)

Purposeful, lightly urgent chamber-orchestral soundtrack to meaningful things getting done. (30sec version of PMOL160 tk1)

Dance Electric (Promo)

Robotic retro-80s electronica with solid beat. (30sec of PMOL164 tk16)

Working Out Fine (Promo)

Contemporary soundtrack evolving from lightly suspenseful piano building gradually to positive, affirmative light pop-rock theme. (30sec of PMOL150 tk51)

Spring Breakers (Promo)

Hot and sexy EDM salsa featuring driving Sax riff, for burning up the beach in Miami. (30sec of PMOL113 tk8)

Gravel Rash (Promo)

Blazing Garage Rock celebration of power and speed. (30sec of PMOL163 tk1)

President Of The World (Promo)

Wild, sexy racing Indie rock with throaty male vocal celebrating a gender-neutral leader of the Party Pack.

Take Away The Insanity (Promo)

Fun, swaggering, manically energetic Brit-Popper is unimpressed with the impact of social media on his love life, shouting for some therapeutic reality time away from it all.

Hot Metal (Promo)

Intense, fast, riffing Heavy Metal. (30sec of PMOL124 tk1)

Rock Highway (Promo)

Classic, strutting 1970's Rocker. Loud and Proud! (30sec of PMOL144 tk1)

Metal Mayhem (Promo)

Mid-pace, pounding 1970's style Heavy Rock/Metal. (30sec of PMOL144 tk58)

Huracan (Promo)

Storming electronica distortion-fest with overheated synth bass/lead and block-rocking beats. Music to go very fast to.

Pumped For Action (Promo)

Big drum hits entry to pounding muscular beat with regular percussive hits throughout. (30sec of PMOL118 tk1)

On A High (Promo)

Happy, uplifting Nu-Folk Indie with upbeat drums, piano and mandolin. (30sec of PMOL158 tk13)

Country Style (Promo)

Mandolin, guitar and violin lead warm and breezy folky ramble through the upside of country living. (30sec of PMOL185 tk9)

Country Breeze (Promo)

Gentle, breezy, carefree acoustic folky/country gradually unfolds into expansive theme - with violins leading - to the sunny joys of country life. (30sec of PMOL185 tk1)

Witches Vs Elves (Promo)

Swirling, fantastical orchestral waltz with hints of supernatural feminine laughter. Creepy, enchanting and fun. (30sec of PMOL114 tk9)

Dice With The Devil (Promo)

Massive glitzy Big Band blows up a storm as our heroes play cat and mouse with the baddies. Reckless, breathless excitement with buckets of pizzazz. (30sec of PMOL180 tk6)

Forever And Always (Promo)

Achingly romantic but fun and joy-filled orchestral celebration of a love, as strong in Autumn as it was in Spring. (30sec of PMOL180 tk1)

Flight Of The Winged Stallion (Promo)

Toweringly heroic, filmic orchestral extravaganza. Epic, complex and joyous - music to fly your enchanted horse through the clouds to. (60sec of PMOL114 tk1)

Launch Into Christmas (Promo)

Choir and orchestra join in breathless, euphoric celebration of the excitement of Christmas. (30sec of PMOL195 tk1)

Christmas Hustle (Promo)

Music to get busy to at Christmas - super uptempo light orchestral soundtrack to any last minute shopping and decorating. (30sec of PMOL196 trk 01)

Christmas Like It Used To Be (Promo)

Sparkling, excitement-filled orchestral theme to a bright, snowy Christmas morning with piles of presents and lots of beaming children etc. (30sec of PMOL139 tk1)

Valse De Noel (Promo)

Light as a leaf on the breeze, magical as an ice skating pixie - a dainty, swirling uptempo pizzicato waltz for when something slightly wonderful is Christmas. (30sec of PMOL196 tk9)

Joy To Christmas (Promo)

Orchestra riffs playfully on Handel's 'Joy To the World' with big, traditional filmic arrangement and lots of snowy glisses and jingly sleigh bells. (30sec of PMOL195 tk21)

Winter Wonderland (Promo)

Winter magic with sparkling chimes and lightly plucked strings. (30sec of PMOL161 tk70)

Ascension (Promo)

Reverential boys choir intro builds to beatific theme with full orchestra, piano and choir. Cinematic, beautiful and holy. (60sec of PMOL175 tk32)

Hotel Sarabande (Promo)

Neo-Baroque tear-up with strident saxophone lead, taking massive liberties with Handel's Sarabande. (30sec of PMOL149 tk1)

Chased By Evil (Promo)

Classic horror/thriller chase music with expressionistic, vintage horror movie strings and fiendish male voice stabs. (30sec of PMOL181 tk47)

Among The Peaks (Promo)

Solemn, portentous intro swelling into soaring, exciting orchestral mountain fly-through, with rolling drums plus choral and electronic accents. (60sec of PMOL129 tk1)

Summer Beauty (Promo)

Neutral but warmly emotive, light minimalism with plucked strings, clarinet and sparkling celeste. Perfect soundtrack to soft, natural beauty. (30sec of PMOL143 tk60)

Giants Of The Deep (Promo)

Pensive orchestral strings over subtle electronic bed grow gradually to soaring emotive climax. Simple, powerful, serious. (60sec of PMOL130 tk67)

Resolution (Promo)

Simple wistful piano figures develop slowly with emotive violin and synth bass. Builds before dropping to thoughtful resolution. (30sec of PMOL126 tk44)

Go Australia (Promo)

Chugging didgeridoo and shouts over gritty, driving beat. (30sec of PMOL192 tk1)

Rice Fields (Promo)

Tranquil, enigmatic Japanese atmosphere with Shinobue (flute), Koto and temple bowl. (30sec of PMOL193 tk20)

Go India (Promo)

Uplifting Worldbeat/crossover with emotive Indian vocals and percussion. Fast, warm feelgood. (30sec of PMOL191 tk33

Hey China (Promo)

Happy Chinese-flavoured Worldbeat with Trap beats and quirky female voice samples. (30sec of PMOL191 tk1)

Zadok The Priest (Promo)

Pipe organ arrangement of Handel's glorious coronation anthem. (30sec of PMOL159 tk7)