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Adam Routh

Adam Routh
Production Music Online Ltd
United Kingdom
PMOL Co-writers
August Jakobsen
Danny Lovatt
Desire Abbe Tsala
Dirk Campbell
Earl Okin
Gordon Matthewman
Grant Ransom
Ian Walsh
Jan Pomerans
Kevin Armstrong
Mark Edwards
Matthew Davies
Neil Myers
Patrick Wilson
Paul Robbins
Robert Allen Elliott
Wolfgang Klaus


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  • Abstract
    Thoughtful, futuristic minimal techno; ambient electronica drones to brooding minimal electro bass, drum machine and android effects.
  • Accidents Of Love
    Runaway Baroque orchestral romp featuring Crumhorn and other Baroque family favourites.
  • Adventure East
    Dance beats lead flowing bansuri (Indian flute) improvisations in a trans-India adventure.
  • Apres Sol
    Smoothly funky atmospheric loungey chill featuring lush, jazzy string and brass beds with solo muted trumpet and retro synth leads.
  • Bad As You Like
    Sultry, funky, spaced out trip hop - dark and dubby. Versions with and without erotic female vocal effects.
  • Behind The Sun
    Majestic ambient synth pads with electronic accents and vocal samples- 'Behind the Sun' plus occasional ethnic 'monk' vocalisations.
  • Being Michael Caine
    Vintage cold war era spy intrigue complete with twangy guitars and twangier dulcimer.
  • Bim Bam Boom
    60s retro Afro-Cuban Cha-Cha kitsch-fest featuring sultry female vocals and explosive brass. Fun, catchy and cute.
  • Binary Boy
    Cool but fun electro-house with intriguing 3 bar loop structure.
  • Blue Bubble
    Light and sunny retro pop/soul love song with a touch of indie/psychedelia.
  • Carnaval De Futebol
    Manically upbeat trumpet fanfare over epic carnival beats.
  • Chihuahua Cha Cha
    Vintage big-band Cuban Cha-Cha with soaring Mexican trumpet lead - sunshine, tequila and fun South of the Border.
  • Chilled Future
    Haunting, guitar riff is joined by rolling electronica for a trip into the chillosphere.
  • Chromosphere
    Lush and spacious sculpted ambient soundscape over Hang Drum bed.
  • Dark Launch
    Driving chemical electronica over a techy bass and massive beats.
  • Das Pop Muzik
    Robotic, 80s retro electro-pop using punchy modern sounds.
  • Dirty Love
    Sultry, glam-flavoured electro/synth-pop with a big retro string/theremin theme.
  • Dub Meltdown
    Darkly atmospheric deep electronic dub with spaced-out electronic FX.
  • EDM Samba
    Blasting EDM anthem with carnival backbeat and stadium FX.
  • Escola De Samba
    Brazilian crowd sings dreamily euphoric song over storming Batucada.
  • Evil Comes
    Intensely threatening throbbing distortion swells to abrupt climax. Impending Doom.
  • Flying Free
    Flying Indie-Folk with heavenly, chilled female lead vocal with a dreamily uplifting homecoming message.
  • Follow The Sun
    Breezy, sunny pop-folk with dreamily innocent, feelgood female vocal.
  • Frontier East
    Intense Kaval (ethnic flute) solo over solemn synth/orchestral drones evokes exotic desolation. See versions for underscore (no flute).
  • Give me Heaven
    Breezily funky disco-house groove with insistent male vocal loop, 'Upside Down', plus female vocal samples and fragments of trumpet lead.
  • Glass City Dreams
    Serious/neutral chimes sequence with vocal accents develops with beat and dramatic rock guitar solo section in the middle.
  • Golden Feet
    Percussion-heavy Jazz-samba tear-up with fiery, soaring trumpet lead.
  • Gonna Smile
    Super upbeat country-folk-pop with fresh, light girl vocal about smiling through the rain till the sun comes back.
  • Hell Racer
    Blazing synth bass over pounding electronic drums and FX. Dark, dirty and relentless.
  • Hey Nonny No
    Strident Elizabethan romp featuring assorted reeds and stirring percussion.
  • Hotel Sarabande
    Neo-Baroque tear-up with strident saxophone lead, taking massive liberties with Handel's Sarabande.
  • Huracan
    Storming electronica distortion-fest with overheated synth bass/lead and block-rocking beats. Music to go very fast to.
  • I See Demons
    Dark and menacing electronica- where's my Audi?
  • Just Don't Stop
    Hypnotic funky 128 bpm beach-house with distorted vocal fragments looped into the groove.
  • La Haine
    Rumbling Electro-Hip Hop with intense male rap. In French.
  • Last Farewell
    Epically mournful duduk lament over solemn pads. Alternate version with ney lead.
  • Lazy Hour
    Affable 40s style comedy-jazz homage to contended indolence with scat vocal and mouth-trumpet solo over lazy Djangoesque jazz rhythm section.
  • Love Theme
    Epic piano plus orchestra love theme moves from poignant to epically gushing. Massively romantic in a 60s/70s Euro way, somewhat kitsch, definitely retro.
  • Mango Fandango
    Exceedingly kitsch/nostalgic, ultra-romantic 50s/60s retro Tango - see versions for extra-vintage LoFi cuts.
  • Monsoon Trail
    African Harp and percussion led mid-tempo chillout groove with enigmatic ethnic voice samples over.
  • Mr Debonair
    Lush, cool and dangerous 60s easy listening - Steve McQueen with a shoulder-holster.
  • Neutral
    Emotionally neutral, technologically oriented electro with sequenced bell-tones, skippy modern drum programming and occasional string section.
  • Next Gen Trailer Drone
    Synth drone track - perfect for linking sections of any tune on this album - alternate versions coverall the keys of all the tracks.
  • Pagani Zonda
    Fast and furious high octane rocky dance with explosive filmic FX.
  • Petrol Storm
    Storming distorted chemical-rock/trip-hop with tortured synth riff over thunderous bass and breaks.
  • Pick N Mix
    Easily editable sequence of generic Electro-Pop grooves for an instant pop-up bright and techy atmosphere.
  • Power And Glory
    Pensive piano and pads intro lifts massively into epic indie orchestral power ballad chorus.
  • President Of The World
    Wild, sexy racing Indie rock with throaty male vocal celebrating a gender-neutral leader of the Party Pack.
  • Respirator
    Psychedelic chilled electronica with a menacing edge; insistent twisted chimes motif and prominent breathing/respirator effects.
  • Rex Mortuus Est
    Stormy, relentless chamber orchestra pays homage to Vivaldi's Baroque. Maximum melodrama with a bawdy edge.
  • Rockabilly Moon
    Bad-boy rockabilly guitar combo raises the roof at the Hop.
  • Scotland
    Muscular drums with Highland bagpipes and rock guitar. Celebratory, heroic and patriotic.
  • Shining Day
    Emotive/Euphoric UK Indie pop-rock.
  • Shopper's Paradise
    Super-kitsch, sunny retro Latin easy-listening. Music to buy kitchen appliances to, circa 1962.
  • So Funky
    Scorchingly Funky Breakbeat workout with vocal snippets- 'So funky!' and 'Are you feelin' alright?'- good dirty fun.
  • Soft Acid
    Vintage chilled out acid house, continuously builds to bleepy climax; spacious drop at 03'07 - neutral and technical.
  • Speed Warrior
    Distorted punk bass blasting over massive, tumultuous breaks with siren and crowd FX. Intoxicatingly hard and soaked with adrenaline.
  • Spirit Of 82
    Flowing, melodic 80s synth pop anthem.
  • Summer Moods
    Languid, dreamy Trip-hop with majesticretro strings melody and intense jazzy trumpet solo in the middle.
  • The Intrigue Unravels
    Uproariously melodramatic runaway orchestral romp with harpsichord and reeds lending a raucous hand.
  • The Reckoning
    Massive dystopian cinematic atmospherics erupt into Breakbeat hyperdrive with storming electric bass loop and block-rocking drums & FX.
  • The Silver Locket
    Flowing, lightly thoughtful waltz for solo piano, with light string touches. Gently upbeat vintage romance.
  • The Speed Game
    Urgent, airy electronica with a technological edge. Speed with atmosphere.
  • Twangling
    Wired, subtly twisted synth-bell figure leads gradually evolving electronica. Bright and strange.
  • UHD Euphoria
    Nu-housey intro grows into towering EDM anthem with abstract female vocs and majestic strings then does it all again, only more so! Twice!! Young, free, sunny and exciting.
  • Urban Chill
    Thoughtful guitars grow into rolling Indie-Trip Hop with spacey FX. Downbeat psychedelic chill.
  • We Are Electric
    Retro electro synth pop with a distinctly 80's Germanic feel.
  • When Prog Ruled The Earth
    Epic tribute to the 70s heyday of the supergroup. Lush, cerebral rock with cosmic male vocal verses and heroic guitar solo between.
  • Young And Free
    Teen-friendly Electro builds from dirty dancefloor groover to huge Pop-Trance anthem.