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Dramatic, operatic Venetian 'romp', Vivaldi-style strings, harpsichord & orchestra. Operatic version available w. mezzosoprano (Renata Jonscher) & choir.

Album:PMOL043 (Historic Romps)
Track #7
Writer(s)Patrick Wilson




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Main Version - Instrumental

Length: 04:14   Key: A minor   BPM: 121

Song with Lyrics

Length: 04:14   Key: A minor   BPM: 121

Tell me why must it always be the lovers destiny
To rise and fall again from heavenly drama to painful trauma?
Why must the path of love
Go round and round and round again?
I saw him dancing there with someone else in his embrace
A mask upon his face.
I saw his eyes and then I knew some things are best unspoken
No words, my heart was broken!
I turned and ran away, nothing left for me to say to him.
He never loved me anyway.
Full of trust they lust for romance!
Tell me why is this mystery the lovers destiny
To rise and fall again from passions dizzy heights
To where there is no light?
Why must the path of love
Go round and round and round again?
I want all he stole from me, my life, my heart, my dignity.
I’m scorned and left forlorn, I seek revenge and he is warned.
When Fate the tables turn, in flames of passion lovers burn!
Just then, as I was leaving I saw my lover
Come rushing through the hall.
He’s now arriving, as usual late again
So it was not him whom I saw kissing at the ball!
Lovers see what they choose to see!
Possessed by jealousy they see what isn’t there!
He really loves me, he really loves me
I really love him and our love goes on and on, and on.