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Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams

Deep vintage synth atmosphere builds to stirring theme in wonderfully executed tribute to the pioneers of synthesis.

Writer(s)William Salmela




70s, 80s, 1970s, 1980s, alien, analogue, atmosphere, atmospheres, awe, awesome, beautiful, beauty, big, building, crescendo, deep, dreamy, dystopia, electronic, electronica, emotional, emotive, enigmatic, epic, evocative, exploration, fantastic, fantasy, future, futuristic, glorious, inspiring, korg-trident, magnificent, majestic, moving, mysterious, mystery, panoramic, planet, planets, retro, science-fi, science-fiction, slow, space, stirring, striiring, synth, synthesis, synthesiser, theme, themes, touching, unfolding, universe, vintage, wonder, wonderful, wondrous, worlds


Main Version

Length: 05:33   Key: Eb minor   BPM: 65

Alternate - A (main theme - second half)

Length: 03:31   Key: Eb minor   BPM: 65

Alternate - B (deep atmosphere - first half)

Length: 02:07   Key: Eb minor   BPM: 65

60 sec

Length: 00:60   Key: Eb minor   BPM: 65

30 sec

Length: 00:30   Key: Eb minor   BPM: 65

15 sec

Length: 00:15   Key: Eb minor   BPM: 65

Sting - (10 sec)

Length: 00:10   Key: Eb minor   BPM: 65