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To The Mountain

To The Mountain

Pensive piano solo intro lifts into soulful indie orchestral rock with a heroic Celtic flavour.

Album:PMOL150 (Thoughtful To Positive)
Track #110
Writer(s)Sam Worskett




achievement, aerial, affirmative, affirmatory, affirming, aftermath, anthem, beauty, bleak, breakthrough, building, business, celtic, commerce, commercial, competition, corporate, crossover, desolate, determination, determined, developing, dramatic, drums, effort, emotion, emotional, emotive, epic, euphoric, feelgood, flying, folk, folky, glory, grand, growing, growth, hope, hopeful, indie, inspiration, inspirational, inspired, inspiring, machines, majestic, major, markets, massive, medium, mighty, momentous, mysterious, mystery, nordic, ocean, orchestral, panorama, panoramic, passion, passionate, pastoral, pensive, piano, planning, positive, post-rock, power, powerful, presentation, prestige, prestigious, pride, problem, problems, proud, puzzle, questioning, questions, recovery, reflective, rock, sad, sea, searching, serious, services, ship, slow, soaring, solemn, solution, solutions, solving, soulful, sport, story, strength, strings, striving, strong, struggle, success, suspense, synth, theme, thoughtful, triumph, triumphal, triumphant, uilleann-pipes, uncertain, uncertainty, upbeat, uplifting, victorious, victory, winner, winning, wistful, wonder, 63 bpm, 63bpm,


Main Version

Length: 01:43   Key: Bb major   BPM: 63

Alternate - (long minimal outro)

Length: 02:16   Key: Bb major   BPM: 63

Underscore - (minimal toplines)

Length: 02:12   Key: Bb major   BPM: 63

60 sec

Length: 00:60   Key: Bb major   BPM: 63

30 sec

Length: 00:30   Key: Bb major   BPM: 63