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Rendezvous Murmansk

Rendezvous Murmansk

Chilly Russian balalaika ensemble tremolos with touches of domra build to a dramatic final crescendo.

Album:PMOL141 (100 Balalaikas)
Track #19
Writer(s)Adrian Zolotuhin




62 bpm, 62bpm, anguish, archive, archives, atmosphere, atmospheres, atmospheric, balalaika, balalaikas, bandura, beautiful, beauty, bleak, building, chilly, cold, crescendo, crescendos, dark, desperate, desperation, domra, double-bass, dramatic, emotion, emotional, emotions, endurance, espionage, fear, folk, folky, freezing, frost, frosty, frozen, gypsies, gypsy, hardship, history, ice, icy, intense, journey, melodramatic, minor, moody, movie, movies, mysterious, mystery, peasant, peasants, perseverance, romantic, romany, russia, russian, russians, sad, sadness, serious, siberia, siberian, slow, snow, snowy, solemn, sorrow, sorrowful, sorrows, soviet, spies, spy, spying, steppes, struggle, struggling, suffering, suspense, tense, tension, thriller, thrillers, ukraine, ukrainian, war, winter, wintry, yearning


Main Version

Length: 02:56   Key: A minor   BPM: 62

60 sec

Length: 00:60   Key: A minor   BPM: 62

30 sec - (soft section)

Length: 00:30   Key: A minor   BPM: 62

15 sec - (soft section)

Length: 00:15   Key: A minor   BPM: 62