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Voices In My Head

Voices In My Head

Disjointed piano figures over glitchy drums and bass notes with whispery vocals in background. Music to lose your mind to.

Album:PMOL093 (Edge Of Darkness)
Track #14
Writer(s)Simon McCorry




72 bpm, 72bpm, anxiety, breakdown, confused, crazed, crazy, creepy, crime, criminal, danger, dark, darkness, delusions, disease, disjointed, edgy, electronic, electronica, enigma, enigmatic, fear, insanity, loony, madness, medium, mental-illness, minor, murderer, mysterious, mystery, nasty, nervous, nutter, piano, prowling, psycho, psychosis, restless, rhodes, scared, schizophrenia, schizophrenic, spooky, stalking, stealthy, suspense, suspicious, tension, threat, threatening, thrillers, voices, waiting, whispering, worried


Main Version

Length: 02:15   Key: D minor   BPM: 72

Alternate - no voices

Length: 02:10   Key: D minor   BPM: 72