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We Have A Problem

We Have A Problem

Creepily urgent digital gamelan and bells plus atmospheric electronica.

Album:PMOL093 (Edge Of Darkness)
Track #23
Writer(s)Simon McCorry




117 bpm, 117bpm, accident, alert, anxiety, anxious, atonal, biochemistry, chernobyl, chimes, creepy, danger, dark, darkness, disaster, disasters, disease, drones, edgy, electronica, emergency, enigma, epidemic, fast, fear, genetics, hi-tech, high-tech, hitech, insanity, malfunction, medicine, metallic, metals, mysterious, mystery, nasty, panic, psycho, pursuit, restless, scared, science, science-fiction, scifi, spooky, suspense, technical, technology, tension, theremin, threat, threatening, thriller, thrillers, urgent, vibraphone


Main Version

Length: 02:06   Key: Atonal   BPM: 117