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The Abyss

The Abyss

Nightmare shifting, evolving drone. If Hell has a soundtrack, this is it.

Album:PMOL093 (Edge Of Darkness)
Track #7
Writer(s)Simon McCorry




0 bpm, 0bpm, alien, atonal, atrocity, awe, cave, caves, creepy, crime, crimes, death, disaster, disasters, disease, drone, drones, evil, evolving, fantasy, fear, fiction, ghost, ghosts, haunted, haunting, hell, hellish, horror, insanity, killer, monsters, murder, murderer, nightmare, nightmarish, pain, psycho, satanic, scary, science, science-fiction, scifi, serial, slow, space, suspense, tension, terror, terrorism, threat, tomb, tragedy, underwater, war, warfare, wmd


Main Version

Length: 04:06   Key: Atonal   BPM: n/a