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Massive trailer hits presage awesome orchestral power with thunderous drums and horns building to colossal finale with choir.
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action, adventure, aggression, aggressive, armies, army, attack, attacking, attacks, awe, awesome, battle, battlefield, battlefields, battles, battling, big, boxing, brass, breathtaking, building, buildup, champion, champions, championship, championships, choir, chugging, cinematic, climax, climaxes, climaxing, colossal, combat, competition, competitions, conflict, conflicts, conquering, crescendo, crescendoing, crescendos, documentaries, documentary, dramatic, drumming, drums, empire, empires, endurance, epic, fight, fighting, film, films, foreboding, game, games, giant, gigantic, gladiator, gladiatorial, gladiators, glorious, glory, gods, gothic, grand, grand-slam, growing, guitar, heavy, hero, heroes, heroic, highlights, historic, historical, history, hit, hits, horns, huge, hulking, imposing, intense, intensifying, invasion, lumbering, magnificence, magnificent, marching, massive, match, menace, menacing, metal, mighty, military, momentous, monster, monstrous, monumental, movie, movies, muscular, olympian, olympians, olympic, olympics, ominous, onslaught, orchestral, portentous, pounding, power, powerful, pride, promo, promos, proud, relentless, sensational, siege, sport, sports, stabs, storm, storms, stormy, strength, strings, strong, success, synth, thunderous, tough, trailer, trailers, triumph, triumphant, urgent, victorious, victors, victory, war, warfare, warlord, warlords, warrior, warriors, wars, weighty, winner, winners, winning, 150 bpm, 150bpm,


Main Version

Length: 01:38   Key: C minor   BPM: 150
Underscore - (no choir or horns, less strings)

Length: 01:19   Key: C minor   BPM: 150
60 sec

Length: 01:00   Key: C minor   BPM: 150
30 sec - A (guitar stabs intro)

Length: 00:30   Key: C minor   BPM: 150
30 sec - B (orchestral build, no guitar)

Length: 00:30   Key: C minor   BPM: 150
15 sec - (guitar stabs to end hit)

Length: 00:15   Key: C minor   BPM: 150
Sting - (alt ending - 10 sec)

Length: 00:10   Key: C minor   BPM: 150