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Writer: Kevin Armstrong

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Swingalonga Monkey
Bright and brassy Retro Latin fresh from the ballroom. With Cuica sounding somewhat like a monkey.

Vintage cheesy organ comedy tune, punctuated with fake quacks. Remarkably foolish.

Mr Silly Takes A Spin
Delectably daft vintage 60s sitcom music. Kitsch and cheesy to the max.

World Class
Light Indie-Folk rhythm section backed by tribal drums are joined by piano and orchestra building to a euphoric conclusion.

Mango Fandango
Exceedingly kitsch/nostalgic, ultra-romantic 50s/60s retro Tango - see versions for extra-vintage LoFi cuts.

Sugar In My Tea
Sunny, innocent love song over upbeat pop folk backing featuring ukelele.

Venus And Mars
Sunny, innocent female vocal acoustic pop. Cute, spacey, romantic.

Ride The Wave
Laid back, tripped-out grungy nu-folk - vocal version available.

Blue Bubble
Light and sunny retro pop/soul love song with a touch of indie/psychedelia.

Meditative Retro jazzy chill featuring Vibraphone.

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