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Writer: Kevin Armstrong

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Swingalonga Monkey
Bright and brassy Retro Latin fresh from the ballroom. With Cuica sounding somewhat like a monkey.

Vintage cheesy organ comedy tune, punctuated with fake quacks. Remarkably foolish.

Mr Silly Takes A SpinVersions/Download
Delectably daft vintage 60s sitcom music. Kitsch and cheesy to the max.

World Class
Light Indie-Folk rhythm section backed by tribal drums are joined by piano and orchestra building to a euphoric conclusion.

Mango FandangoVersions/Download
Exceedingly kitsch/nostalgic, ultra-romantic 50s/60s retro Tango - see versions for extra-vintage LoFi cuts.

Sugar In My Tea
Sunny, innocent love song over upbeat pop folk backing featuring ukelele.

Venus And MarsVersions/Download
Sunny, innocent female vocal acoustic pop. Cute, spacey, romantic.

Ride The Wave
Laid back, tripped-out grungy nu-folk - vocal version available.

Blue Bubble
Light and sunny retro pop/soul love song with a touch of indie/psychedelia.

Meditative Retro jazzy chill featuring Vibraphone.

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