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The HeadlinesVersions/Download
Urgent, positive orchestral/electronic news theme with big intro to drop section for voice-over.

Weighty NewsVersions/Download
Serious, fast, momentous orchestra with big-drums builds to dramatic climax.

I Love ItVersions/Download
Fast, fun Rock riffing with 'I Love It' female vocal sample and wild metal guitar.

The Countdown
Tense, brooding atmosphere with clock ticking effects.

Gimme Five
Fast, upbeat Pop-Rock with partying atmosphere and occasional 'Hey' vocals.

Happy Daytime
Highly upbeat, 'advert-friendly' Indie-Folk/Pop with guitars and catchy melody.

Epic stormy atmosphere develops with explosive cinematic lightning strikes and urgent strings motif, building to thunderous climax.

The Final Gladiators
Serious, epic orchestral trailer with chugging strings, driving beat, war-like horns and Gothic choir climax.

Magna Ultimo
Proclamatory Gothic choir hits intro leads to fast rolling orchestra with relentless big drums, power guitar, choir and emotive quasi-ethnic female voice, marching on to epic climax.

Legacy Of Heroes
Epic choir and orchestra builds throughout over rolling beat with big drum hits to climax.

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