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Categories: War & Conflict,Tension Building,Violence, Battling,Aftermath,Riots & Protest,Vintage & Ceremonial

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Tribal Warriors
Driving Maori war dance with intense tribal drumming and Haka war cries.

Mounting Sadness
Sad piano builds with solo violin and strings in waves of mounting emotion before dropping away to piano.

Mourning A Hero
Distant bugles herald mournful violin over tragic orchestral atmosphere.

For Those Who Fell
Poignant brass chorale with touches of military snare. Beautiful, touching and dignified.

The Boys Are Marching (Vintage Sound)
Exuberant vintage orchestral march. Full of pomp and circumstance! (Lo-fi vintage sound).

The Boys Are Marching
Exuberant vintage orchestral march. Full of pomp and circumstance!

Desert Menace
Menacing atmosphere builds slowly with Middle-Eastern instruments and dark electronica.

Ancient Warlords
Fast, rolling Middle-Eastern big drums, clashing metal and haunting Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over.

Desert Oud
Enigmatic Oud (middle-eastern lute) over dark drone develops with Arabic percussion.

Solo Oud (middle-eastern lute) develops with Arabic percussion.

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