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Categories: Trip Hop

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Coming Together
Euphorically upbeat rolling trip-hop with a psychedelic edge.

Darkly atmospheric electronic Trip-Hop featuring choir.

Through The Haze
Chilled-out Triphop with deep breathy chords. A journey through mysterious beauty.

The Trade Route
Gently purposeful, rolling jazz/trip-hop with a blend of exotic flavours.

Bad As You LikeVersions/Download
Sultry, funky, spaced out trip hop - dark and dubby. Versions with and without erotic female vocal effects.

Breezy, lightly psychedelic piano-led trip-hop featuring tubular bells and ethereal voices.

Heavy mid tempo orchestral dance - restless, prowling, portentous.

Data Flow
Neutral and understated electronic background for technology and information.

Dream FusionVersions/Download
Psychedelically twisted, cool and urban nu-funk groove.

Darkness Ahead
Dark, relentless trip hop featuring menacing electric guitar drone.

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