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Categories: Tension Building

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Desert Menace
Menacing atmosphere builds slowly with Middle-Eastern instruments and dark electronica.

Desert Oud
Enigmatic Oud (middle-eastern lute) over dark drone develops with Arabic percussion.

Solo Oud (middle-eastern lute) develops with Arabic percussion.

Crescent Moon
Solo Oud (middle-eastern lute) joined by Arabic percussion @ 1:26.

Desert Tension
Tense Middle Eastern atmosphere with dark drones, Arabic instruments, voices and FX. 

Tense pulsing bass slowly builds to dramatic Duduk theme. Dark and momentous.

Dark pulsing bass punctuated by massive futuristic hits builds to epic climax with metal guitars, strings and Gothic choir stabs. Menacing and apocalyptic.

Gates Of Hell
Intensely dark, dystopian atmosphere with driving electronica, epic hits and apocalyptic Gothic choir builds in intensity to fiery climax.

The Clock Is Ticking
Ticking beats, minimalist piano figure and string swells create bleak, serious atmosphere and sense of passing time and urgency.

Serious Situation
Restless rolling beats, minimalist piano and tense strings create atmosphere of facing up to a serious situation

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