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Categories: Tension, Suspense

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Intense swirling sounds with urgent metronome. Versions with 'winner and 'loser' endings.

The Big Challenge
Orchestra builds with racing tension towards epic climax.

Scary Challenge
Agonising suspense as orchestra builds with rising fear and tension.

Mega Lotto
Fast, brassy gameshow theme with dramatic hits, drops to tension bed before final big outro.

Hurry Up
Urgent, upbeat countdown with clock ticking effects builds to game show end sting.

Light The Fuse
Firey swoosh into upbeat, brassy gameshow sting.

Spin The Wheel
Tense, dramatic build to typical game show ending.

Complete The Task
Tense atmosphere with driving beat and orchestra stabs builds to gameshow-style ending.

One Minute To Go
Light, tense atmosphere with time-ticking effects builds to climax at one minute.

Your Time Starts Now
Ticking 'countdown' clock with fidgety ambient sounds builds to end swoosh.

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