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Categories: Tech House

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Zem Zem
Pounding Tech House with dramatic Middle-Eastern atmospherics and Arabic female vocals.

Super-positive, sunny electro-dance anthem.

Jetstream Memories
Spacey, sunny indie intro into funky, flowing indie house with guitar over synth and dance beats.

City On Fire
Big bright and buzzy pop electro theme.

The Buzz
Bright and massive yet cool electro-edged Big Club anthem.

Darkly dramatic, pounding, futuristic tribal house with twisted vocoder effects.

Bora Bora
Relentless mid-tempo electro-tinged progressive house groove feat. male vocal sample "Sunshine".

Party Animal
Prowling tech-house with decadent sounding spoken male vocal sample and Latin-tinged percussion.

Rolling mid-tempo tech-house; urgent and atmospheric.

Edge Tech
Dark, prowling, uptempo minimal techno, combining urgency and subtle menace.

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