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Chase Scene
Manic, music-hall acccordion, piano and violin chase music, with an Eastern European gypsy slant.

Party In Steerage
Rollicking, accordion, violin and piano tear along in a vintage celebration of love and fun.

On The Promenade
Jaunty accordion, piano and violin. Fun and nostalgic with a touch of cheerful drunkenness.

Charlie Tango
Accordion and violin accompany one another in a comically stern-faced tango. Retro romance with a pinch of salt.

Dance Of Desire
Sultry accordion tango with guitar and violin. Steamy vintage passion.

Waltz Tango
Dark and sultry accordion melody over unusual 3/4 Tango rhythm track. 

Adios Buenos Aires
Sentimental ballad with Tango accordion touches; filmic, melancholy, retro and kitsch.

La Costanera
Romantic, mid-paced, modern tango with accordion (bandoneon). Dreamy and wistful.

Edgy, strutting, electro-Tango with accordion (bandoneon). Urgent Latin passion.

Sultry, intimate Tango featuring Argentinian accordion (Bandoneon). Passionate and glamorous.

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