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Categories: Spooky/Halloween

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The Enchanted Wood
Tiptoeing plucked strings and woodwind create atmosphere of soft rural magic.

Digital Freakshow
Darkly comic/dramatic, madcap meeting of orchestra and electro - robots on drugs.

Ghost Waltz
Jauntily spooky period piano waltz with Lo Fi sound and creepy FX

Forbidden Forest
Tiptoeing small orchestral ensemble featuring flute, bassoon and glockenspiel- comedy creepiness for kids.

Spooky House
Tiptoeing comedy orchestral creepshow, with walking bassoon lead and staccato clarinet highlights.

Ghosts and Ghouls
Tiptoeing comedy shocker with chamber orchestra led by bassoon and oboe and metallic background swells.

Spooky, playful, Kitsch horror with organ, thunder sound FX and scary female voice.