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Categories: Serious & Momentous - Power

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Victory Story
Tentative, thoughtful strings and piano build gradually towards soaring and triumphant orchestral conclusion - Twice!

Enter The Titans
Massively portentous synth chord intro builds to towering pop-electronic anthem.

To The Mountain
Pensive piano solo intro lifts into soulful indie orchestral rock with a heroic Celtic flavour.

To The Stars
Darkly atmospheric detuned piano/guitar intro takes off into epic soulful indie anthem with a Celtic touch.

Prepare To Launch
Suspenseful, apprehensive piano and guitar intro builds towards big, serious, affirmative indie anthem (enters @ 1:00).

Seize The Day
Pensive piano is joined by rolling breakbeats and strings; gradually builds to triumphal, uplifting climax.

Finding Hope
Airy, purposeful piano meditation builds to uplifting conclusion.

Power And Glory
Pensive piano and pads intro lifts massively into epic indie orchestral power ballad chorus.

Natural Drama
Tense, fast, agitated strings and orchestra build with increasing power and grandeur.

The Headlines
Urgent, positive orchestral/electronic news theme with big intro to drop section for voice-over.

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