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Categories: Seductive, Sexy

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Summer Wind
Sensual chilled house with dreamy electronic vocal atmospherics over rolling, growling bassline.

Thoughtful, atmospheric chilled house with dreamy female vocal fragments.

Icy cool chilled techy-house groove with airy atmospherics including big, spacey breath effects. Sparsely melodic piano lines enter at 1:50.

Dark and shadowy Deep House electronic groover featuring creepy atmospherics.

All Night
Raunchy, energetic female vocal Pop-Rock song, looking forward to a night of passion. With partying sound effects.

Female vocal Pop song about girl's passion for her lover. With reference to texting acronyms (AML, FYI).

Dirty Secret
Passionate, rolling, female vocal Pop song about secret love.

Evening Rain
Cooly melancholy chilled jazzy Trip-Hop. Sexy and sad.

Brazilian Beach Retro
Cool, slightly edgy Latin dinner-jazz meets light Balearic House.

Venus Smiling
Quirky retro Lounge-House with cutesy female vocal licks. Venus hops off her pedestal to enjoy some me-time at Chanel.

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