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Exciting Afro-Cuban carnival atmosphere with Samba drums, percussion and whistles.

Carnaval De Futebol
Manically upbeat trumpet fanfare over epic carnival beats.

Football Magic
Upbeat Samba with lively piano melody, exuberant drum breaks and refs whistle.

Golden Feet
Percussion-heavy Jazz-samba tear-up with fiery, soaring trumpet lead.

EDM Samba
Blasting EDM anthem with carnival backbeat and stadium FX.

Escola De Samba
Brazilian crowd sings dreamily euphoric song over storming Batucada.

Stadium Brazil
Thunderous Brazilian carnival drums and Samba whistles - with and without vuvuzelas and stadium crowd FX

Rio Dance Off
Fast, driving Samba street percussion. Exciting and fun.

Energetic Samba street party - Infectious Brazilian Batucada drums & percussion.