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Mounting Sadness
Sad piano builds with solo violin and strings in waves of mounting emotion before dropping away to piano.

Mourning A Hero
Distant bugles herald mournful violin over tragic orchestral atmosphere.

Tears In Vienna
Beautiful, gushingly emotional piano with orchestra. Highly romantic and sentimental.

For Those Who Fell
Poignant brass chorale with touches of military snare. Beautiful, touching and dignified.

The Tide Turning
String melodies glide gracefully over a warm bed of hybrid pads and piano - slow, thoughtful and summery. Music to watch swans to...

Loss And Longing
Moody and pensive intro gradually grows to flowing orchestral romance before slowly unwinding again.

Saying Farewell
Slow, solemnly beautiful and hymn-like church organ.

Moments Of Reverence
Slow, solemn and subdued organ music as played during the quiet, reverential moments of church service.

Chugging pipe organ with a solemn Baroque feel.

Rex Mortuus Est
Stormy, relentless chamber orchestra pays homage to Vivaldi's Baroque. Maximum melodrama with a bawdy edge.

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