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Last Farewell
Epically mournful duduk lament over solemn pads. Alternate version with ney lead.

Epically portentous slow chord cycle with orchestra follows enigmatic intro.

City of Angels
Lush, haunting, angelic chorale joined by Middle-Eastern solo female vocal lament.

Coming To Terms
Mournful, emotional orchestra and piano progressing to gently consolatory resolution.

Mournful, emotive, filmic orchestral soundtrack with touches of female voice and duduk.

Sad Piano
Pensive, expressive and sad solo piano.

Dawn of Tears
Slow string orchestra with touching Contralto solo voice. Sad and beautiful.

Spanish Sunset
Haunting Spanish guitar, passionate violin and orchestra. Solemn and romantic.

New Day Dawns
Intensely expressive and portentous orchestral theme for a new dawn of hope - simultaneously solemn and optimistic.

Solemn and poignant piano/orchestral study of grief and mourning.

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