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A Brief History Of Enterprise
Brisk, exciting orchestral Minimalism moving in ever-shifting cycles - Viagra for the mind.

The Madness Of The KingVersions/Download
Urgent orchestral Minimalism with a dreamlike, melodramatic edge.

Orpheus DescendsVersions/Download
Mysteriously portentous orchestral Minimalism with sombre, spiralling cello lines.

Bleak, sad atmosphere with synths and minor key piano figures.

Judgement Day
Momentous, serious, melodramatic atmosphere with dark strings, piano and big drum hits.

Requiem For A Spy
Solemn and momentous orchestral melodrama builds with piano and big drums.

Uncertainty Principle
Pensive and wistful synth theme interwoven with slow beats and female vocal fx.

Dawn Of HopeVersions/Download
Slow reflective piano builds with emotional orchestral strings. Poignant and touching.

Dark Wings
Dark intro builds with rock drums, guitar, orchestra and choir to epic grand finale. Gothic and melodramatic.

Paris In The Rain
Jazzy/Latin Chillout theme featuring accordion and mute trumpet - nightbirds prowling the rainy streets of St Germain.

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