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Growing Anxiety
Restless, melancholic atmosphere with piano, solo violin and chamber strings. Increasingly builds in sense of drama.

Serious Situation
Restless rolling beats, minimalist piano and tense strings create atmosphere of facing up to a serious situation

The Enchanted Maze
Enchanting piano, glockenspiel and female voice build to lilting waltz with a touch of magic.

Gothic Tragedy
Lonely flute and epic romantic strings ebb and fall in slow mournful waves of emotion. Deep passion and drama tinged with grief.

Autumn Affair
Thoughtful solo piano joined by chamber strings for gently emotive soundtrack with a rural flavour.

Missing PersonVersions/Download
Tense, moody trip-hop with glitchy beats, piano, strings and atmospheric electronica. 

Cold Night SkyVersions/Download
Moody hybrid soundtrack with marimba figures over sparse piano and strings. Bleakly beautiful.

Slow, sensitive piano builds gently with lush string orchestra. Poignant and emotive.

Mystic River
Solemn, pensive intro to massive, portentous orchestral chord cycle - lush, haunting and epic.

The Passage Of TimeVersions/Download
Intensely meditative and poignant, delicately filmic piano over a light orchestral bed.

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