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Smile Street

Year 4 are at it again with an acoustic tear-up of cuddly plink-plonk. Weapons-grade cute and sunny.

Impossible Sun

Surreally euphoric EDM/Electropop exploding with larger than life feeling and action.

Electric Dreams

Deep vintage synth atmosphere builds to stirring theme in wonderfully executed tribute to the pioneers of synthesis.


Heavenly retro-80's vintage synth atmosphere evoking wondrous beauty. Majestic, deep, calm and expansive.


Enigmatic retro-80s atmosphere builds with increasing majesty to glorious grand finale.

Life Pulse

Slow waves of vintage synthesizer into expansive retro-80s filmic theme with pulsing bass sequences.

Twilight Dream

Retro-80s futuristic atmosphere with dreamy bells melody over warm, expansive synth pads. Softly surreal and emotive.

Son Et Lumière

Rolling, feelgood retro-80s electronica with skippy beats, catchy topline and bubbly synth fx.


Spinning, swirling retro-80s synth sequences build over driving beats.

Dance Of The Robots

Positive, marching retro-80s electronica with dancing vintage synth toplines and ethereal touches.