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Categories: Sad, Wistful & Reflective

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Voices Of Maghreb
Dreamy Middle-Eastern atmosphere with Arabic male and female voices develops into chilled Worldbeat theme with Duduk.

Song Of The Sands
Passionate Arabic female vocal lament over tranquil Middle-Eastern backing. Haunting and beautiful.

Gently insistent cyclical, minimalist piano figures. Dreamily haunting.

Crying Alone
Slow, wistful piano with delicate, touching violin and cello. Gentle, sad and lonely.

Broken Hearted
Slow, soft piano figures builds with passionate outbursts of sad cello and violin.

Raining Tears
Melancholic atmosphere with slow, gentle piano and passionate, sad, solo violin.

Stark, bleak, atmosphere with minimal piano and simple, melancholic cello and violin layers.

Soft minimal piano over bleak drone slowly grows with cold, long, rising cello and violin notes.

Soft, melancholic piano erupts with stark, soaring string quartet, dripping with desperate emotion.

Soul Searching
Reflective Indie Chill with half-time rhythm evokes atmosphere of wistful yearning.

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