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The Blessing
Ancient Slavonic Liturgical melody arranged for Russian traditional instruments. Sombre, moving & beautiful.

Vanya's Wedding
Happy Russian folk theme & variations performed by medium balalaika ensemble, accelerating to blistering speed at the end.

The Frozen City
Atmospheric Russian balalaika orchestra tremolos with icy bandura (zither) sparkles.

Russian Road Trip
Jolly Russian folk tune arranged for medium ensemble of balalaikas, domras & accordion.

Circle Dance
Medium tempo circle dance performed by Russian balalaika orchestra, with intricate interlocking layers building to a final crescendo.

Memories Of St Petersburg
Graceful circle dance performed by Russian balalaika orchestra.

Enchanted Moscow
Beautiful, evocative waltz performed by Russian balalaika orchestra. Romantic and nostalgic.

Rendezvous Murmansk
Chilly Russian balalaika ensemble tremolos with touches of domra build to a dramatic final crescendo.

Icy Espionage
Dramatic, chilling Russian balalaika orchestra crescendos over minimalist trip-hop beats & piano.

Balkan Holiday
Quirky, humorous Gypsy-Ska crossover with Russian balalaikas, bandura, 1960’s tremolo electric guitar, Hammond organ and drums.

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