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Just One Glass
Upbeat, fun Russian Gypsy drinking song arranged for balalaikas, domras & gypsy guitar.

Gypsy KalinkaVersions/Download
Intoxicating gypsy band version of the popular Russian song by Ivan Larionov. Accelerates to dizzying speed with fiery fiddle and balalaika.

Longing In Russia
Slow, sad instrumental Russian ballad with accordion, upright bass, balalaika and violin. Beautiful and highly emotional.

Russian BootsVersions/Download
Instrumental arrangement of traditional Russian folk song played on dombra (2-stringed lute) and accordion.

Walking In The Garden
Lithuanian folk song about a daughter who is sad leaving her family to be married. With kankles (zither) and female vocal.

The Oak Tree
Lithuanian folk song with female vocal, zither and percussion. Tells of son who goes to war and dies in battle. His spirit returns home to live in oak tree.

Rustling Birch Trees
Traditional Belarusian folk-ballad expressing longing for the homeland. Male and female vocals over acoustic guitar.

My Father's Homeland
Nostalgic Lithuanian song remembering family, homeland and youth. With female vocal over strummed kankles (zither), bagpipe drone and drum.

Crop Song
Belarusian sing-a-long working song, traditionally performed by farmers and their hands in the fields with bagpipes and male vocal. (with Christian references).

Belarus Party Song
Popular Belarusian drinking song. Accordion-led, folk band with merry male and female vocals. Version with party fx.

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