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Gotta Get Away
Raucous rocker with growly male vocal about the eternal dilemma of taking loads of drugs OR jumping in your cute new sporty car to avoid general dissatisfaction with life, the city and everything.

President Of The World
Wild, sexy racing Indie rock with throaty male vocal celebrating a gender-neutral leader of the Party Pack.

Speed Demon
Fast, driving punk-edged modern Rock. Exciting and confident.

Ready To Roll
Fast, driving punk-edged modern Rock. Exciting and confident.

Gonna Rock The House
Fast pounding 70's Heavy Rock with gritty harmony guitars.

Retro Rocker
Fast, heavy riffing, classic 70's Heavy Rock. Builds with blazing lead guitar.

Can't Stop The Rock
Racing mid-70's headbanging Blues-Rocker with rip-roaring slide guitar.

Rock Relaunch
Driving, 1970's Hard Rock unison riffing. Pounding, deep and powerful.

Riff Revolution
Late 1970's/early 80s-style US Hard Rock with strutting, proud guitar riffing.

Giants Of Rock
Classic seventies Hard Rock with driving unison riff, overdriven Hammond organ and fast n' fiery lead guitar.

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