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Categories: Riots & Protest

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Ancient Warlords
Fast, rolling Middle-Eastern big drums, clashing metal and haunting Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over.

Desert Tension
Tense Middle Eastern atmosphere with dark drones, Arabic instruments, voices and FX. 

Grand Slam
Epic orchestra and pounding drums build to muscular grand finale.

Slam Drums
Epic, pounding drums and percussion build to muscular climax.

Ready To Strike
Tense, stealthy orchestra and big drums build in waves to end hit.

Drum Strike
Tense, stealthy big drum crescendos build to end strike.

The Big Drums
Heavyweight drums move slowly with massive power to climax.

The Big Guns
Heavyweight drums and orchestra chug slowly and relentlessly to climax.

Drum Storm
Restless, medium-paced epic drumming builds to end hit.

Epic Attack
Menacing, robotic Dubstep groove interspersed with Trance-flavoured atmospheric breakdowns.

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