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Categories: Restless Tension

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The Countdown
Tense, brooding atmosphere with clock ticking effects.

Cyborg Wars
Dark, futuristic atmosphere with electronic FX and massive hits rises at fast pace to sharp cutoff to silence before huge explosive Sci-Fi ending.

Dark pulsing bass punctuated by massive futuristic hits builds to epic climax with metal guitars, strings and Gothic choir stabs. Menacing and apocalyptic.

Carpe Diem
Epic choir proclamation intro to fast driving orchestra with further urgent, glorious choir stabs throughout.

8th Wonder
Tension building intro to epic drum hits, chugging orchestra and choir. Builds throughout to exultant choral climax.

Gates Of Hell
Intensely dark, dystopian atmosphere with driving electronica, epic hits and apocalyptic Gothic choir builds in intensity to fiery climax.

Cause For Concern
Gentle but tense marimba, piano, emotional cello and violins intertwine over slowly building drum machine punctuations and heartbeat.

Thinking It Through
Soft, pensive marimba and piano slowly build with violin and intensifying chamber strings. Serious and wistful.

Simple wistful piano figures develop slowly with emotive violin and synth bass. Builds before dropping to thoughtful resolution.

Unfolding Drama
Tense, deep atmosphere develops with piano, emotive violin, chamber strings and drums, becoming increasingly urgent and serious before dying away.

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