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Categories: Prehistory

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Tomb Robbers
Wikimedia Commons
Dark, suspense with sinister sounds, disembodied voices and drone.

Primitive Ritual
Primitive overtone tribal chanting, drums and flute (filimbi).

Primal Wonder
Ancient 'bull roarer', drones and whispering voices evoke mysterious images from prehistory.

Strange Places
Sparse, percussive Altered Piano 'taps' and swelling drones. Dank and strange.

Image-Jurgen Ziewe
Mysterious Altered Piano drones and FX. Wondrous tension.

Black Hole
Image by ESO/M. Kornmesser
Awesome, thunderous drones & disembodied voices swirling in timeless space. Vast, forbidding majesty.

Star Fields
Deep, spacious atmosphere with wondrous ethereal voices. Awesome beauty.

Nearing Andromeda
Wikimedia Public Domain
Symphony orchestra slowly builds from mysterious, deep organ pedal notes and shimmering strings to epic, awe-inspiring crescendo. Majestic, vast and forbidding.

Moody ethnic atmos builds to dramatic orchestral chase/adventure sequence resolving to panoramic beauty. (stereo & surround mixes)

Slowly evolving, expansive minimalist piece for 3 pianos. Enigmatic, timeless space. (Available in Surround)

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