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High Five
Fast, upbeat Pop-Rock with partying atmosphere. Versions with and without 'Hey' vocals.

All Night
Raunchy, energetic female vocal Pop-Rock song, looking forward to a night of passion. With partying sound effects.

Along The Shoreline
Flowing, upbeat Pop-Rock with bright, catchy piano theme. Warm and uplifting.

Happy Daytime
Bouncy, upbeat Pop-Rock with catchy guitar melody.

Bright And Early
Sunny, neutral pop-rock soundtrack with electronic touches.

Dr Who Meets Dr No
Driving rock anthem blends prog-rock synth lines with sizzling guitar riffs to push stadium rock into the future.

Manic Attack
Theatrically intense runaway synth-enhanced pop-rocker; complex, powerful and catchy.

Situation Meltdown
Pounding rock-electro cross-over with passionate guitar led chorus; dark, sexy and dramatic.

Fast and furious Drum and Bass/Rock workout.

Time To Shine
Floaty, thoughtful Indie Rock intro building into explosive, euphoric choruses. Sunny and exciting.

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