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Categories: Peaceful, Still & Pastoral

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Harvest Japan
Celebratory, rural Japanese ensemble builds with Shamisen, flute, Koto and traditional percussion.

Meditative Japanese atmosphere with Shakuhachi flute, Koto, bells and drum.

Tranquil, intimate solo Shinoboe (Japanese flute). Isolated flute version of 'Rice Fields'.

Rice Fields
Tranquil, enigmatic Japanese atmosphere with Shinoboe (flute), Koto and temple bowl.

Cheerful Japanese folk ensemble with flutes, Koto and Biwa. Romantic and tuneful.

Summer Beauty
Neutral but warmly emotive, light minimalism with plucked strings, clarinet and sparkling celeste. Perfect soundtrack to soft, natural beauty.

Family Farm
Mellow, upbeat acoustic-guitars and light percussion with a simple, happy, rural feel.

After A Long Day
Gently reflective mood with picked acoustic guitar. Wistful pastoral beauty.

Gently active, busy mood with cyclic, layered acoustic guitars and light percussion.

Light Through Trees
Gently tumbling acoustic guitars with light percussion. Soft and mellow rural beauty.

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