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Categories: Peaceful, Still & Pastoral

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Summer Beauty
Neutral but warmly emotive, light minimalism with plucked strings, clarinet and sparkling celeste. Perfect soundtrack to soft, natural beauty.

Family Farm
Mellow, upbeat acoustic-guitars and light percussion with a simple, happy, rural feel.

After A Long Day
Gently reflective mood with picked acoustic guitar. Wistful pastoral beauty.

Gently active, busy mood with cyclic, layered acoustic guitars and light percussion.

Light Through Trees
Gently tumbling acoustic guitars with light percussion. Soft and mellow rural beauty.

Gently finger-picked acoustic guitars over light shaker rhythm. Relaxed and easygoing.

Country Living
Upbeat, gentle acoustic guitars and light percussion with a simple 'rural activities' feel.

Rural Fun
Upbeat Country/Folk with acoustic guitar intro joined by bass and light percussion. Bright and jolly.

Biding My Time
Gently rolling finger-picked acoustic guitars, bass and light percussion. Easygoing and contented.

In The Country
Mellow acoustic guitar develops with leisurely drums, bass and piano. Peaceful rural activities.

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