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Tears In Vienna
Beautiful, gushingly emotional piano with orchestra. Highly romantic and sentimental.

Loss And Longing
Moody and pensive intro gradually grows to flowing orchestral romance before slowly unwinding again.

Hotel Sarabande
Neo-Baroque tear-up with strident saxophone lead, taking massive liberties with Handel's Sarabande.

To The Mountain
Pensive piano solo intro lifts into soulful indie orchestral rock with a heroic Celtic flavour.

Special Moments
Thoughtfully upbeat solo piano waltz. Warm and gently emotive.

Pictures In An Album
Lightly thoughtful piano solo waltz - fondly nostalgic

After The Storm
Stark and chilly solo piano atmospherics.

Play Of Memories
Gently upbeat solo piano accompaniment to sentimental reflection.

Home Again
Gently celebratory piano theme for homecoming or resolution.

Crying Alone
Slow, wistful piano with delicate, touching violin and cello. Gentle, sad and lonely.

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