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Categories: Nursery & Early Learning

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Gentle Journeys
Contented and warm, gently rolling Nu-Folk with ukulele, guitar and light glitchy fx.

Cute O'Clock
Light, bright and quirky with acoustic guitar, tinkling bells and fx. Builds gently throughout.

Simple TechVersions/Download
Warm, friendly Electronica with light beat and happy bleeps.

Me And My Dog
Gently upbeat minimalistic solo piano exuding warmth and contentment.

Simple, bright musical backdrop to early-learning with cyclical plucked sounds and pipes.

Tots Party Time
Bouncy, happy, fast music for young kids having fun.

Bedtime Stories
Tinkling bedtime lullaby with glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and flute.

Smiley TownVersions/Download
Light Pop-African backing with cheerful whistling.

Happy Workman
Whistling over ukulele and sparse drum kit. Sunny, light  and minimal.

Nite Nite
Slow and sleepy lullaby with warm acoustic guitar and tinkling bells. Tender and magical.

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