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Victory Story
Tentative, thoughtful strings and piano build gradually towards soaring and triumphant orchestral conclusion - Twice!

Epic stormy atmosphere develops with explosive cinematic lightning strikes and urgent strings motif, building to thunderous climax.

The Final Gladiators
Serious, epic orchestral trailer with chugging strings, driving beat, war-like horns and Gothic choir climax.

Magna Ultimo
Proclamatory Gothic choir hits intro leads to fast rolling orchestra with relentless big drums, power guitar, choir and emotive quasi-ethnic female voice, marching on to epic climax.

Legacy Of Heroes
Epic choir and orchestra builds throughout over rolling beat with big drum hits to climax.

Cyborg Wars
Dark, futuristic atmosphere with electronic FX and massive hits rises at fast pace to sharp cutoff to silence before huge explosive Sci-Fi ending.

Urgent, restless deep orchestral figures with exultant, epic choir builds to breathless cllimax.

Carpe Diem
Epic choir proclamation intro to fast driving orchestra with further urgent, glorious choir stabs throughout.

Arena Of Champions
Proud, mounting orchestra, big drums and choir build throughout to epic climax. Tough and glorious.

8th Wonder
Tension building intro to epic drum hits, chugging orchestra and choir. Builds throughout to exultant choral climax.

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