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Science By Numbers
Neutral scientific background with data stream sounds and spikey, robotic synth. 

Facts And Figures
Neutral and factual electronic Tech background with mid-paced beats.

Neutral electronic background to scientific activity with a sense of concentration and time passing.

Achieve Your Goal
Warm piano bursts into highly upbeat, sparking Indie feelgood.

Digital Orient
Bright, tumbling, positive Asian-tinged electronica with sparkling bells, harp and female voice.

Dancing Lights
Positive, sparkling atmosphere with bright plucked strings over warm electronica and piano. 

Small Wonder
Gently organic, minimal backdrop to natural beauty with sparkling harp, strings and electronica. Intriguing and inspiring.

Search For A Cure
Inspiring backdrop to scientific enquiry with interweaving digital signals and warm synth washes over slow beat.

Data Analysis
Warm, neutral electronica with chilled beat, bass and gentle cyclical sequences throughout.

New Networks
Fluid technological soundbed with cyclical electronic bleeps and cross-rhythms.

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