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The Observation Of Fact
Lively marimba/glock and piano patterns over light strings for scientific/intellectual detective stories with a touch of high-brow playfulness.

Steady Progress
Uptempo xylophone figures over moody, shifting orchestral backing. Serious activity with a touch of suspense.

A Steady Hand
Gently purposeful vibes, marimba and piano over hovering strings. Upbeat, thoughtful, positive.

Warm Currents
Gently optimistic flowing piano over warm backing with medium pace light electronic percussion.

Summer Meadow
Upbeat, uptempo light solo piano with a summery, rural feel.

Questions Of Conscience
Piano solo with a thoughtfully positive, restrained and deliberate feel.

Fast cyclical piano figures follow thoughtful, emphatic harmonic story.

The court chamber ensemble plays Charles II off for a spot of deer hunting on a pristine April morning.

Spring Returns
Gently playful light plucked strings, clarinet, harp and chimes. Tranquil and charming.

Endless Fascination
Quick, fluid, gentle orchestral minimalism with plucked strings, bells, solo violin and flute. Lightly sparkling, neutral, factual atmosphere.

Pages:1 2 3 4 5 6